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​If you are being impacted by Winter Storm Juno on the East Coast of the United States, please know that Pearson VUE is working​ diligently​ to contact affected candidates to assist with rescheduling. We thank you for your patience and please contact Customer Service with any questions.

Anglo Schools Entry Exams

“Hi there. It is good to see you. My friends call me ‘Hopeful’ because, like you, I want to get the very best of things from life.

You have landed here on the Pearson VUE Anglo Schools (ASIS) page because you want to take our Entrance Examination to secure a first class future at one of our schools in the United Kingdom.

From this page, you can SIGN IN to book the time and place to take the exam. It is so simple to do. Or, LOCATE A TEST CENTER nearest you, then PRESS the SCHEDULE button and you will be able to check-in. We will send you an email confirming all the details.

If you have not paid for your Entrance Examination you will need to return to the ASIS WEBSITE ( and fill out the registration form, complete the payment and then return to this site. You will land here and see me again.

It is all very easy, but if you need some help, telephone my friends at Customer Service or put your question to ASIS ( via the CONTACT FORM on our website.

When you sit your entrance exam you will see more of me. Until then, bye for now.”

Last updated 2014-10-18