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Item Review > Using the Review Screen

Some exams allow you to review items at the end of a section. When item review is allowed, the Item Review Screen is automatically displayed at the end of the section.

Blue bars label the different areas of the review screen. The name of the exam section appears on the left of a bar, while the total number of items in the section and the number of incomplete items in that section appear on the right of the bar. Click the plus sign to the left of the section name to reveal a list of items in that section.

If you checked the Flag for Review button on an item screen, a flag appears beside that item on the Item Review Screen. In this example, questions 5 and 6 were flagged for review. Unanswered items are displayed as Incomplete.

From the Item Review Screen you can review items in a number of ways. The following buttons are available on the Item Review Screen:

Review All – Click to review all the items and answers in the section.

Review Incomplete – Review only the items that were left incomplete.

Review Flagged – Review the items that are flagged for review.

You can select or deselect additional items to be flagged by clicking on the flag outline to the left of the item number.

If your exam has item review, a Review Screen button may appear on each screen of the section in review mode. When this button is provided, you can access the Review Screen at any time during the section.

Review Screen
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