The last day to take a Brocade certification exam at a Pearson VUE test center is October 31, 2016.  On November 1, 2016, you may register for Brocade exams at Certifior. For questions contact

Brocade Certification Testing

Are you Brocade Certified yet?
The Brocade Certification Program reinforces mastery of technical skill sets through a number of low and high-stakes exams geared towards job role or technical specialty. Being Brocade Certified is an honor, and an achievement not easily earned.

New Security Measures Will Be Used

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure the integrity and value of our certification program, Brocade is introducing advanced security measures. We will be implementing several Pearson VUE security enhancements, including adding a digital photo to a candidate’s score report and to the Pearson VUE authentication website. All Brocade candidates will have their photo taken at Pearson VUE test centers where this is possible. Digital signatures will also be captured. If you have questions about these new security measures, please contact the Certification Department at


Before scheduling a Brocade certification exam, be sure to review the exam objectives. In addition, please read the Brocade NDA (for all exams published before March 11, 2016) and the Brocade Certification Program Candidate Agreement (for all exams published after March 11, 2016). You will be required to accept this Candidate Agreement at the beginning of your exam. Brocade does not permit the use of unauthorized study materials, such as “study guides” purchased from third party sites, or brain dumps. Candidates found to be cheating will forfeit their credential(s) and be banned for life from the program.

Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a future exam appointment less than 24 hours in advance is subject to a same-day forfeit exam fee.

Exam fees are due in full for no-shows.

Provisional Scoring

Brocade is implementing provisional scoring for the all new certification exams published from March 11, 2016 and beyond. Provisional scoring does not apply to certification exams published before March 11, 2016.

Provisional scoring applies only to a passing score. The passing score is provisional while the results undergo further statistical analysis to determine if they are in compliance with the Brocade Certification Program Candidate Agreement or if results are outside an acceptable statistical range. Your score report will say “Provisional Pass.”

If your results do not meet these requirements, they will be reviewed individually. If after the review, the results indicate that Brocade cannot prove with certainty that you have demonstrated valid measures of your ability as sampled by the exam, your test results will be invalidated and you will be notified by e-mail of further action. Using cheat site material can result in being permanently banned from the Brocade Certification Program.

Failing results and provisional pass results that are in compliance with the Brocade Certification Candidate Agreement and acceptable statistical ranges will be available in CertMetrics within two to three days after the completion of your exam.

Retake Policy

If you do not successfully pass an exam required to achieve a Brocade certification for a credential on your initial attempt there is no waiting period before attempting the exam a second time. For third and subsequent attempts there is a minimum 14 day waiting period from the date of the failed attempt, before attempting the exam again. Once a certification exam has been taken and passed, it cannot be taken again.

Last updated 2016-10-11