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The District of Columbia Real Estate Commission (Commission) regulates the licenses of professional real estate agents and protects consumers by upholding the District of Columbia real estate license law . The real estate license law is defined by the District of Columbia Second Omnibus Regulatory Act of 1998 (Omnibus), which took effect on April 20, 1999.

The Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor. All members must be residents of the District of Columbia throughout their tenure on the Commission. Three members must each hold a Broker’s license; two members must hold a Salesperson’s license; two members must hold a Property Manager’s license; one member must be a licensed attorney; and one member must be a consumer member who does not hold a real estate license. Five members of the Commission constitute a quorum.

The Commission meets on the second Tuesday each month at 10:00 a.m. at the DCRA headquarters, located at 1100 4th Street SW, Washington, DC 20024. August is a recess month. The Commission can be reached by phone: (202) 442-4320 or fax: (202) 698-4329.

Executive Director: Leon Lewis, Leon.Lewis@dc.gov
Education Coordinator: Kevin Cyrus, Kevin.Cyrus@dc.gov
Commission Assistant: Stephanie Johnston, Stephanie.Johnston@dc.gov

Current Commission Members

  • Josephine Ricks – Chairperson, Broker
  • Ulani Gulstone – Legal Committee Chair, Attorney Member
  • Monique Owens – Education Committee Chair, Salesperson
  • Frank Pietranton – Broker
  • Danai Mattison Sky – Salesperson
  • Darrin Davis – Broker
  • Christine M. Warnke – Consumer Member
  • 2 Vacancies – Property Manager

To apply for a vacancy, please visit the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Appointments for more information and an application.

2017 Meeting Dates:

Board meeting minutes are available at www.open-dc.gov.

License Search / News / Examinatins / Publications and Forms


All new license applications must be submitted online.

All duplicate license and letter of certification requests must be submitted online.

Paper service requests will no longer be accepted and will be returned to the address indicated on the application.

The 15-hour continuing education (CE) requirements for the 2013-2015 and 2015-2017 licensing cycle are as follows:
3.0 hrs – Fair Housing
3.0 hrs – DC Legislative Update
3.0 hrs – Financial Issues/Update
6.0 hrs – General electives

The Commentator

Annual Report

Licensing / Continuing Education Services / Resources


Online licensing services are a quick, convenient, and environmentally responsible way to manage your licensing needs. All of the functions listed below can be accessed through the Online Services – PULSE Portal link below.

Continuing Education Services

Continuing Education Requirements

The Commission has established education requirements that are designed to enhance the professional abilities of licensees.  Every two years, licensees are required to meet mandated continuing education requirements, which ensure that they are kept abreast of current national and local laws and regulations.

The 15-hour continuing education (CE) requirements for the current licensing cycle 2013-2015 and for the cycle 2015-2017 are as follows:
3.0 hrs -  Fair Housing
3.0 hrs -  DC Legislative Update
3.0 hrs – Financial Issues/Update
6.0 hrs – General Electives