Looking for the HP ExpertOne Program?

Welcome to the HP Americas Consumer Support Online Testing Portal

HP Consumer Support provides technical support training on a variety of products, tools and processes to call centers supporting consumer products. After receiving your training, log into the Pearson VUE testing system and complete any required assessments. The Pearson VUE system allows you to:

  • Browse for available assessments. Some assessments may require a keycode provided by your instructor.
  • Take an exam.
  • Resume an exam (within the set time limits).
  • Review your exam history.
  • Retake a failed exam.

To log into Pearson VUE, you will need:

  • Username or Candidate ID provided by your instructor
  • Password that you create when first logging into your account

If you have any issues with the Pearson VUE system, click on Contact Us for links to Pearson VUE support.

Your individual results are made available to your training manager to use as part of their comprehensive training and development program. HP uses this information solely to evaluate the effectiveness of our training methods, training content and completion of training across all of our partners.


Exams must be launched and completed within 3 days of ordering. If the exam expires, you will be required to re-order the exam.

Exam Re-take Policy:

  • If an exam is passed on the first attempt, that will be the final score and the only attempt.
  • If an exam is failed on the first attempt, you will be allowed to retake the exam two times per week total until you pass the exam.
Last updated 2014-11-15