FAQ’s for InfoComm Certification Exam Applicants/Candidates – Change to Pearson VUE Testing January 1, 2011

  1. Does Pearson VUE offer all InfoComm certification exams?
  2. Want to know more about Pearson VUE?
  3. Did the InfoComm exams change when the testing centers switched from Prometric to Pearson VUE?
  4. How can I locate a Pearson Testing Center approved for InfoComm exams in my area?
  5. If I am serving in the US military how can I locate the authorized Pearson VUE test center on my installation?
  6. What will happen to my records and testing history with Prometric?
  7. Did the change from Prometric Testing to Pearson VUE alter my certification?
  8. Is authorization required to take an InfoComm certification exam?
  9. When can I expect to see my exam results?
  10. How do I schedule an appointment to take an InfoComm exam at a Pearson VUE center?
  11. Does Pearson VUE have access to information about InfoComm exams that I’ve taken with Prometric?
  12. Where can I order a copy of my Prometric score report?
  13. I require special accommodations. Can Pearson VUE sites accommodate me?
  14. I need another copy of the confirmation for my exam appointment. How do I get one?
  15. Are any of the exams offered in languages other than English?
  16. Are practice tests available for InfoComm exams?
  17. What is the InfoComm reschedule policy and procedure for the InfoComm computer-based test?
  18. What is the cancellation policy and procedure for the InfoComm computer-based test?
  19. What if I did not give 24-hour notice to Pearson VUE but need to cancel my exam?
  20. I had a medical emergency and was not able to take my exam. What should I do?

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