IQN Certification Testing

International Qualifications Network (IQN) is a global organization for diploma and professional qualifications. IQN specializes in developing and delivering assessments and qualifications of various lengths and levels. For information about IQN and its qualifications please visit:


Our global qualifications are available in more than 175 countries. All of our exams are available on–demand throughout the year. You can register for our exams anytime of the year through Pearson VUE. If you have any questions about our examinations or qualifications, please contact our support team at


We offer flexible and affordable professional and diploma qualifications. Our qualifications are recognized at Scottish Qualifications & Credit Framework (SCQF), which is one of the national frameworks in the UK. Our diploma qualifications are SCQF credit-rated by Edinburgh Napier University, UK. We offer two key qualifications in accountancy: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Global Certified Management Accountant (GCMA). CPA and GCMA are awarded by Scottish Qualifications Authority and jointly certificated by SQA & IQN.

Our Qualifications

Global Courses

IQN global courses are available virtually anywhere in the world. Students have the option to study any of global courses independently or through one of our registered training centers.


Some of our exclusive qualifications are only available through our registered training centers. We call these courses ‘Centre-quals’. Centre-quals cannot be studied independently by private candidates. Students must study with one of our registered training centers only to complete any of the following qualifications.

Exam preparation resources

Students who want to study any of our global courses can collect relevant study materials from us or one of our training centers. For Centre-quals, students are required to contact any of our registered training centers (RTC). RTC will be able to provide all relevant study materials and/classes for the exam preparation.

Scheduling an exam

Once you have determined to take an exam, you may immediately schedule your exam appointment online in Pearson VUE web account for IQN virtually any time of the year. Exam appointments are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

After you schedule your exam appointment, Pearson VUE will send a confirmation email listing your selected exam date and time, the address and phone number of the exam center, and directions to the exam center. Please check this information carefully for any errors.

Last updated 2016-12-30