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FAQs: About the Tests

Is a practice exam available for all FE and FS exams?

Do the practice exams include an onscreen copy of the FE or FS Reference Handbook?

Who develops the questions that appear on the practice exams?

Does the content of the practice exams follow the official exam specifications?

How many questions are on the practice exams?

If I order the same practice exam more than once, will I receive different questions each time?

Will the practice exam provide diagnostic information about my performance?

How much does a practice exam cost?

How much time should I expect to spend taking a practice exam?

How long do I have to start the practice exam?

Can I review my answers before submitting my practice exam for scoring?

How do I stop my exam so I can return at a later time and not lose time in my practice exam?

I have answered and reviewed all 50 of the practice exam questions. How do I submit my responses for scoring?

What if I time out of the practice exam before I have finished?

Is the practice exam scored?

How do I view the solutions?

Where are the solutions located for each question?

Can I access the solutions at a later time?

I will have a special testing accommodation allowing extra time for my exam.  Can I also have an accommodation for the practice exam?

Purchasing a practice exam

Do I need a MyNCEES account to purchase a practice exam?

What are the system requirements?

How do I purchase a practice exam?

What forms of payment are available?

I purchased an exam but am not ready to take it. Can I cancel?

Taking a practice exam

How do I start the exam?

Can I stop the exam after it is started and come back later to finish it?

I lost my Internet connection or closed my browser. How can I resume the exam?

How do I get my score report?

Other questions

Last updated 2014-11-30