Prototype Professional Pilot Knowledge Exam

Coordinated through Professional Testing (PTI).

The Center for Aviation Safety Research (CASR) is evaluating a proposed concept for testing the knowledge and competency of pilots who want to be employed by airlines and business operators. Working with airline, training, and regulatory subject matter experts, CASR has developed a prototype of the kind of test that is proposed and now asks for volunteers to help validate that examination, to prove that it is fair, effective, relevant, and fit for purpose. We repeat: the volunteer validators are NOT being evaluated. They are, instead, helping to validate the exam.

Test Description

Validation requires that the volunteers who sit for this exam are representatives of the pilots who will take this test in the future. If they find a question to be confusing, out of date, or incorrect, they will be able to mark it for CASR to review before moving on to the next test question.

  • This computer-based examination will be conducted in Pearson VUE testing centers located near the volunteer’s home, school, or workplace.
  • While many pilots will complete this exam in 1–3 hours, validators may take up to 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the test.
  • This exam is FREE for all PABC authorized volunteers (See Test Registration below).

Volunteer Qualifications

Research standards require that this validation be performed by pilots who hold at least a Commercial Pilot License and Instrument Rating (CPL/IR) or an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license with a jet aircraft type rating. Retired pilots who currently serve as airplane type rating instructors or examiners (TRIs/TREs) or as simulator flight instructors or examiners (SFIs/SFEs) for modern jet transport aircraft are also eligible to participate.

Test Registration, Scheduling, and Identity Protection

The Professional Aviation Board of Certification (PABC) serves as a subcontractor and gatekeeper that supports this research project.

  • PABC is also the Registrar for this exam and will send qualified volunteers an Authorization to Test email that includes the pilot’s PTI-PABC ID Number that he/she will use to register, schedule and sign-in for this exam.
  • The ID Number is for the exclusive use of PABC and PearsonVUE, and both organizations are bound by law and contract to NOT disclose this identity data to any other individuals or entities including the University, CASR, employers, trainers or regulators. This partitioning of the validators’ identities from their performance on the test is essential for the scientific integrity of the testing process.
  • A separate, de-identified demographic survey will be conducted by CASR in order to determine the overall diversity of the pilots who participated in this test validation process.
  • Exam Appointments & Cancellations at PearsonVUE centers
    • Please Register for this exam as soon as you receive your Authorization to Test, and Schedule your Appointment immediately after PearsonVUE invites you to do so.
      • Registrations must be made at least 48 hours prior to a requested exam start time.
      • Appointments must be made at least 24 hours before a requested exam start time.
      • NOTE: Test centers are used by many different companies and seats for testing are in high demand. Schedule your appointment early to get the day & time you want.
    • If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment
    • Sign in to the PearsonVUE website to make the change or call Customer Service.
    • Cancelling or rescheduling must be done at least 24 hrs before the exam start time.
      • PearsonVUE will confirm each validator’s appointment time and test location by email.
      • Validators must show their passport & second ID which has your signature at the test center as proof of identity.

For further information, please see the PABC website

Last updated 2016-06-15