Personal License Holder (PLH Online) Certification Testing

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 states that anyone who is responsible for selling alcohol to the public must hold a Personal Licence. In order to hold a Personal Licence you must by law hold an accredited licensing qualification, the Scottish Certificate for Personal License Holders (SCPLH).

The PLH Online training modules have been developed to meet the requirements of this act, and are fully accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) who are authorised to issue SCPLH certificates.

Our training has been designed for both hospitality and retail sectors with separate modules for on sales and off sales operators.

The modules are designed to the highest quality guiding the individual carefully through the content in an imaginative, interesting and interactive way.

Once purchased the modules are supplied instantly online, and can be worked through at a time and place that suits the individual. All learners also receive a printed handbook that contains a copy of all the information needed to pass the exam. The examination consists of 40 multiple choice questions, and on successful completion a certificate is issued by the SQA.

PLH Online offers a cost effective, time efficient solution to this mandatory licensing training, ensuring the learner is fully equipped with the knowledge required to competently undertake the responsibilities of a licensee in both the hospitality and retail sectors.

Last updated 2016-06-15