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Earn the recognition you deserve in the workplace with a test that more accurately represents your English language skills

PTE Professional™ is the only professional English language test that combines comprehensive assessment of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills with flexible scheduling and automated scoring — which means you receive a score that more accurately summarizes your English language abilities, faster than similar tests.

Score Report

Prove your proficiency with the PTE Professional™ score report

The PTE Professional™ score report doesn’t provide just an overall score. It includes a break-out of four sub-scores for speaking, listening, reading and writing — plus eight sub-scores on additional key language skills.

Use the score report to demonstrate to your employer the strength of your English fluency, while taking note of which skills need improvement. This knowledge will help you grow and advance in a global workplace.

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Access your score report by logging into your PTE Professional™ exam account. The report will be available within five business days of taking the exam.

Faster, more efficient testing

The PTE Professional™ exam takes less time than other English testing exams — it only takes 90 minutes to complete. The test comprises multiple choice and communicative responses that measure your proficiency across a wide variety of professional situations.

The questions are not industry-specific, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the PTE Professional™ questions are relevant to your specific occupation.They represent a base of general professional terms and common conditions that could be found across any number of industries.