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Acclaim Open Badges

Acclaim provides high-stakes credentialing organizations and academic institutions the ability to offer their credential in the form of an Open Badge. An Open Badge from Acclaim complements a paper-based representation of a credential by providing proof of an earner’s achievement in a web-enabled format that can be validated quickly and easily.  

From relationship-building to marketing and program management, Acclaim provides a robust suite of capabilities that will enhance your credential’s brand online. 

Strengthen relationships with stakeholders

  • Provide credential holders a secure way to share online that they have achieved something important…they’ve earned your credential!
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites
    • Personal website or blog
    • Via email
  • Motivate candidates to continue progressing through your program.
  • Issue Open Badges for training taken through your authorized learning partners.

Improve program management

  • Reduce the time and expense of responding to requests for validation of a credential earned.
  • Diminish fraud and improve the authenticity of your credential online.
  • Make more strategic decisions around managing your program with Acclaim’s reporting features.

Low–cost marketing opportunities

  • Control and increase exposure of your brand across multiple social media platforms.
  • Communicate with your candidates directly from the Acclaim platform.
  • Market to your candidates with on-point messaging based on their latest achievements.  

Issuing Open Badges with Acclaim offers credential issuers like you a new platform to further your program’s mission while expanding career opportunities for stakeholders. To learn more about the concept of Open Badges, download our white paper "Open Badges Are Unlocking the Emerging Jobs Economy or visit Acclaim.


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"Open Badges Are Unlocking the Emerging Jobs Economy"

Last updated 2014-02-11