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Developing a high-quality exam used for employment decisions is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. The availability of subject matter experts (SMEs) often limits the amount of exam development that an organization can undertake. The problem is exaggerated with face-to-face development meetings. Creating an assessment that withstands legal scrutiny can easily exceed $50,000 using face-to-face meetings.

ExamDeveloper™ software helps reduce or eliminate the need for in-person meetings and streamlines the development process to save time and money while developing a valid examination.

  • Reduce cost – The typical cost of an in-person meeting to develop a high-stakes exam is between $10,000 and $12,000. Most exams require a minimum of three meetings to complete the process. This represents a substantial cost for any organization. Using ExamDeveloper™ to eliminate just one of the in-person meetings pays for the annual licensing fee.
  • Save time with less travel – Travel for SMEs from different geographic locations is becoming quite costly. ExamDeveloper™ allows experts to collaborate at a time that is convenient for them, without the need for travel to a common location.
  • Receive expert guidance – The software has built-in expert consultation to assist anyone in developing quality-hiring assessments. Every step of the process is clearly described so that even novices can create reliable measures of job performance. With ExamAdvisor™, users receive psychometric guidance for improving the quality of every question.
  • Increased security – ExamDeveloper™ has been audited by third-party Internet security consultants and has been shown to guard against known Internet security vulnerabilities. The software allows an organization to limit user access to the system with customized user privileges.  As a result, your examinations remain safe.
  • Increase SME participation – Organizations using SMEs can find it challenging to attract and retain assistance for their exam development. This is especially difficult when face-to-face meetings require the SMEs to be away from their job and family. ExamDeveloper™ allows a greater number of SMEs to participate by allowing the work to be done remotely.
  • Quicker completion time – Many hands make light work. Greater SME participation reduces the amount of time needed to complete the project and allows your organization to focus on other strategic activities. ExamDeveloper™ also creates, formats and publishes exam forms in a fraction of the time using automated tools.
  • Lower participant burden – Having more SMEs involved in the exam development decreases the work needed from each individual, thus increasing their satisfaction with the process. This makes SME participation in future development efforts more likely.
  • Better quality – With more SMEs participating, the exam gains credibility across the profession or industry. Therefore, it is less likely that the exam lacks essential information.

Expert guidance anytime

A major benefit of ExamDeveloper™ is that it mimics exactly what occurs during in-person meetings led by a testing expert. The software contains tutorials that guide users through every step of the process. It was developed from the ground up by testing experts, not software developers. As a result, it includes built-in psychometric guidance every step of the way.

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Last updated 2013-10-07