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American Board of Anesthesiology

“We’ve been working with Exam Design for almost six months now, and… We could not be more pleased. They concentrate on customer service first and foremost. Their high level of customer focus takes many forms: regular, clear communications; willingness to listen to our requests and learn about our company; extreme flexibility in working arrangements and processes; and overall, a clear desire to serve us, the ABA, as their customer. We have seen great benefit from our partnership and hope to continue it for many years to come.”

Mike Eason, Director of IT, American Board of Anesthesiology

American Board of Surgery

"We have been very pleased …The group has been very available, flexible and helpful. They were patient as we worked through our learning curve in the beginning, and they have been open to suggestions to change programs and processes such that they fit better with our needs. They are very clear about both expectations and offerings. They clearly consider the relationship a partnership, in which what is good for us and our processes is good for them as well. We look forward to continuing and even broadening our relationship with them."

Jo Buyske, M.D., Associate Executive Director, American Board of Surgery

American Board of Radiology

"The team has been extremely helpful in addressing our needs and providing support for our users. We're very impressed with their quick turnaround on support and development issues. ExamDeveloper™ is slated to become our platform for all exam material development and storage in the future. We look forward to a continued working relationship with them in the future."

Chris Mazzarella, Project Manager, American Board of Radiology

American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

"They were excellent when training us on how to use their program to create the exam and were very open to any suggestions on how they too could improve the process. We have now had the opportunity of conducting, scoring and calibrating the new exam. The help in evaluating the post exam results was invaluable and I believe helped us to determine where creditable lines were to be drawn and how to continue to improve the quality of our exam. As our exam evolves we look forward to a continued relationship with Exam Design."

Dr. Nancy Addy, Director, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

American College of Veterinary Radiology

"Technical support is always available and the very few problems we have experienced have been rectified very quickly. We have transitioned our entire examination into ExamDeveloper™ quickly and with little difficulty, and look forward to using and benefiting from the system for many years. We have been particularly impressed with their willingness to work with us as a small organization."

Robert McLear, ACVR Treasurer, American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Last updated 2013-10-07