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For those into HR or planning to enter the profession, TMI Certifications can be the most thumping proofs around of their potential and promise for excelling in the now all-important Talent Management piece of this discipline. Talent Management is a unique science-and-art to master, and TMI standards and paradigms have pioneered a groundbreaking configuration of essential-knowledge covering all critical Talent Management roles and positions.

Find the right TMI Certification

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™)

TMP™ Certification, the world’s best starter-qualification for breaking into Talent Management, is designed as a rich, top–up qualification for individuals graduating with major in HR or related disciplines from premier universities, business schools, and HR Institutions.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™)

The STMP™ Credential is crafted with the complexity that ambitious HR practitioners need to be proficient in handling, helping them navigate their careers into and through the Talent Management discipline fast, sure, and smart. The STMP™ can help you shatter glass ceilings, and accelerates growths of HR professionals in their careers across different verticals. STMP™ proves your understanding and knowledge of all critical principles, theories, techniques, and tools in the Talent Management practice.

Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™)

Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) is a very special qualification for a very special breed of professionals. It’s for those of the more accomplished of manager-leaders in Human Capital Management, who’ve seen it, done it, and now want to change it all for the better. It is for those seasoned professionals who handle international workforce, global talent supply chains, and deal with cross–cultural environments and workplaces. The GTML™ exhibits your willingness for leading change, and handling Talent Management responsibilities in the largest and most global of organizational systems today.

Training and exam preparation

Registrants can learn and prepare on their own for their examinations with the help of reading and learning material in the Talent Management — The TMI Handbook for Practitioners, and the TMI Talent Management Body of Knowledge (the TMI-TMBoK™) for each certification, included in the TMI Resource Box provided by TMI.

Apply for a TMI Certification

TMI infuses state-of-the-art and science in Talent Management to the thought, profession, practice, and systems of Human Capital Management. To know how you can steer your enterprise into the future with greater confidence through TMI’s research-curated Talent Management standards, apply for a TMI Certification.

Last updated 2017-02-16