Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)™ Certification Testing

The Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM)™ is a non profit organization and is a global and an Independent Certification body with a wide experience in the certification industry. The GAQM offers a comprehensive portfolio of internationally recognized certifications, which includes Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, Business Management, Cloud Computing, Software Testing, Data Center, Information Systems Security, Vendor Neutral IT Certifications and many more.

GAQM as an independent certification body offer vendor neutral certifications based on the knowledge the candidate acquires. Our Certifications are Accredited, Governed and Managed by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). The IAO's accreditation ensures that the Certification programs are recognized in any part of the world, thus maintaining a Global Standard for the Credentials/Certifications we offer. GAQM is also the largest Intellectual Property owner of globally accepted certifications.

The GAQM also offers an E-Learning program through its Learning Management System (LMS) completely owned, operated and managed by the GAQM. The E-Learning Programs and the E-Courseware is offered by the GAQMBok (Body of knowledge) which is dedicated for the Candidates/Participants who want to gain knowledge and prepare for the certifications offered by the GAQM. The E-Courseware’s offered by the GAQMBok (Body of Knowledge) are completely accredited, approved, managed and monitored by the IAO with the aim of improving professional standing and practices thus having a stringent process in place for certifying the individuals in the field of Management Science and Information Technology.

The Benefits of IAO

International Accreditation:

The Certifications/Credentials offered by the GAQM have an International Value; the Certifications/Credentials offered by GAQM are Accredited, Monitored and Audited by the IAO (International Accreditation Organization) to achieve Global Standards with International Acceptability.

International Acceptability:

IAO’s accreditation ensures that the Certifications/Credentials offered by GAQM will have increased acceptability around the world by other organizations and corporate sectors.

International Benchmark in Certification Standards:

IAO’s accreditation ensures that the Certifications/Credentials offered by GAQM are easily comparable to any other education provider in any part of the world. IAO’s accreditation gives candidates a competitive edge over all regional and international sectors including the corporate, which helps in setting the requirements for preparation to enter the workforce

Note: Few of the Certifications offered by the GAQM have a mandatory course completion requirement; once you are done with the E-Course you can take your exam at the nearest Authorized Testing Center. Once the candidate completes the E-Course they will receive a  GAQM Learner ID. This ID is required at the time of scheduling an exam at Pearson Vue Testing Centers.


Appointments may be made up to one calendar day prior to the day a candidate wishes to test, subject to availability.

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Last updated 2013-06-23