Lloyd’s and London Market Introductory Test

LLMIT (the Lloyd's and London Market Introductory Test) is a multiple choice examination for those who are new to the London Insurance Market, or for those who want to gain a wider understanding of how this market operates. LLMIT develops and tests awareness and understanding of how business is traded in the London Insurance Market and the roles and responsibilities of those involved. It provides an essential grounding in the working practices and processes at Lloyd’s.

The LLMIT has been developed by the Lloyd’s LLMIT Education Committee (drawn from market representatives, subject matter experts and Corporation of Lloyd’s employees) as a way to enhance standards of knowledge, performance and customer care.

LLMIT provides an up-to-date solution for those seeking to develop their understanding of the London Insurance Market.

The examination consists of 75 multiple choice questions over 90 minutes.

For further information on LLMIT, please email LLMIT@Lloyds.com.

If you are a training manager wishing to make multiple bookings or you would like to make a bulk purchase, please contact the Customer Services team who will be happy to assist you.


LLMIT Exam Update

The 2013 LLMIT exam version is now no longer available, and has been updated to the 2014 LLMIT exam.

The new 2014 LLMIT exam is assessing exactly the same material. The update is due to the regulatory changes made in the UK involving the FSA now being split into the PRA and FCA.

The exam has been altered to take account of the changes and all references from March 4th 2015, have removed FSA from the exam replacing with FCA or PRA as appropriate.

The 2013 syllabus material already takes this into account, so please do not be alarmed by this.

If you have any queries, please direct them to LLMIT@Lloyds.com.

LLMIT Learning Only Pack

For candidates who wish to undertake the learning relating to LLMIT but not take the test at the end, we now have a LLMIT Learning Only pack available at a price of £125 plus VAT. Packs can be purchased via www.mindhub.co.uk

If, having completed the learning, you decide that you do wish to take the test, you can do this by purchasing the ‘Exam entry only’ pack priced at £147.50 plus VAT, also available through www.mindhub.co.uk

Accessing LLMIT with iPads

Did you know that you can access LLMIT in PDF format through your iPad? Useful if you want to study while on the move. Please see the link on the right of this page for instructions.

Appointments may be made in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability.

Last updated 2015-03-04