American Payroll Association (APA)

Important Notice:

Please note that you cannot make an exam reservation until after you have completed your application, paid your examination fee, and received notification from the APA that you are authorized to take the exam. All candidates must complete the Application for Certification by Examination. If you have any questions, please contact
More information.


Applications MUST be submitted to the APA PRIOR to registering for the FPC/CPP exam. Any candidates who do not submit an application before taking a certification exam may be subject to sanctions, including disqualification of status, upon audit.

Candidates must use their full legal name (First and Last) as it appears on their primary government ID that will be used for admittance to the examination area at the testing center. Please note that Middle Name is not required for testing.

To create an account and purchase an exam, please go to the APA website.

Candidate Handbooks / Forms


It is imperative that all APA candidates read the appropriate Candidate Handbooks prior to making an exam reservation.

FPC Downloads CPP Downloads
FPC Candidate Handbook (PDF, 684 KB) CPP Candidate Handbook (PDF, 532 KB)
FPC Application Form (PDF, 156 KB) CPP Application Form (PDF, 90 KB)
FPC Content Outlines (PDF, 30 KB) CPP Content Outlines (PDF, 32 KB)

Cancel or Reschedule Policy

Please review the complete cancellation/reschedule policy in detail (see FPC/CPP Handbook) prior to making an exam registration. If you need to cancel your APA exam appointment, you must do so 31 or more calendar days in advance to avoid any fees.

Do NOT contact Pearson VUE’s local testing center if you need to cancel or reschedule an exam appointment. All candidates must telephone Pearson VUE or go to at least 96 hours before the scheduled examination date to change or cancel a reservation. Changed reservations with proper notice may be transferred to a new reservation (within the current testing window for the Northern Americas region). Candidates will forfeit the entire examination fee and be considered a no-show if the change or cancel request is received less than 96 hours from the exam reservation.

Candidates who cancel an exam 96 hours to thirty (30) calendar days before their exam reservation will incur a non-refundable cancellation fee of $50 USD. Cancellations that occur more than thirty (30) calendar days prior to an exam reservation are not subject to additional fees. Please note that there is no fee to change a reservation during this same period.

Examination fees are fully refundable only if the candidate cancels the reservation with proper notice (96 hours from the scheduled exam). Note: the cancellation fee will apply to exams cancelled 96 hours to thirty (30) calendar days from the exam reservation.

Please see the tables below for additional information.


Cancel by: Action:
Less than 96 hours
  • Forfeit of exam fee
96 hours-30 calendar days
  • Full refund of exam fee
  • Non-refundable penalty of $50 USD
31 or more calendar days
  • Full refund of exam fee
  • No additional penalty


Reschedule by: Action:
Less than 96 hours
  • Forfeit of exam fee
  • No additional penalty
96 hours or more
  • Full refund of exam fee
  • No additional penalty

Test Scheduling

Candidates may pay the examination fee directly to APA online or by check. If you are unable to pay online or by check, please call Membership Services at (210) 224-6406 for assistance. Payment is not accepted at the local Test Center. Please consult the APA Candidate Handbooks for additional instructions and forms.

Appointment date and time options vary on the selected test center availability.

Please refer to the FPC or CPP Candidate Handbook for more information on how to apply, special accommodations, rescheduling, and more.

Contact the APA at or 210-226-6406.

Post Examination – Order Certificate and Lapel Pin

Once you pass the exam, here is how to order your certificate and lapel pin.

  • Log on to your APA profile.
  • Click on the Certification tab in the left panel (this is necessary for validation of your designation).
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Certification page and click on the corresponding order link for your FPC or CPP Certificate/Lapel Pin. You will then be redirected to the ordering page where you can make your selections and place your order. Please make sure that your name and all contact information is correct as you would like it to appear.
  • Please allow 24 hours after passing the examination prior to ordering the complimentary certificate and lapel pin.
Last updated 2018-03-08