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Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board

Pearson VUE, in partnership with Sircon, administers all facets of the continuing education program for the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board (pdf). Each biennium (which ends on December 31 of each even-numbered year), resident and nonresident agents and consultants must be in compliance with Virginia CE statutes to maintain their license(s). View requirements information (pdf) and statutory requirements beginning with §38.2-1866.

If you have any questions or comments after reviewing the Continuing Education Handbook, call 877-234-6093 or email

CE Continuance Fee

The nonrefundable $20 Continuance Fee must be paid by both resident and nonresident agents and the fees must be received by Pearson VUE by November 30, 2016. There is no longer an extension into the next biennium.

CE Agent Services

Resources Format
Review My CE Credits for Current Biennium (CE Transcript) Link
Compliance Schedule (Resident Agents) PDF
Compliance Schedule (Nonresident Agents) PDF
CE FAQs (Agent-related) PDF
Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board Agent Information Handbook PDF
Provider Course Offering Schedules Link
Provider and Course Listings Link

CE Provider Services

Resources Format
CE FAQs (Provider-related) PDF
Log-in to Provider Services Link
NAIC CE Reciprocity Form (CER) PDF
CE Provider Forms Link
Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Board Provider Information Handbook PDF
CE Audit Information PDF

Further Resources

Resources Format
Information for All Agents Link
Information for Non-Resident Agents Link
Virginia Continuing Education Requirements PDF
Age 65 and 20 Years Licensed Exemption Request Form (Resident Agents)PDF
Federal (Not Virginia) Non Specific Requirements: Flood Insurance; Long Term Care (LTC) Certification; Long Term Care PartnershipLink
Flood Insurance Preferred Risk Policy Eligibility Extension Link
Administrative Letter 2007-1 Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Agents with a Property and Casualty License or Personal Lines License Selling through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) PDF
Administrative Letter 2007-3, Rules Governing Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Care Partnership Program PDF
Virginia Bureau of Insurance Administrative Letter 2013-02, Revisions to the Virginia Insurance Continuing Education Program Requirements, effective January 1, 2013 PDF
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